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Welcome to Albemarle Baking Company.

No, that's not stock photography. That's Mondo. He works here.

Today's Bread

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Pain au Levain | Walnut Levain
Oatmeal Crunch
Yeasted Cornbread
Pain de Mie
Apple Cinnamon Cranberry
Finnish Rye

Pain de Campagne
Seeded/Plain rolls

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Spring Feature

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The Naranja, our seasonal winter cake, has a chocolate brownie base with a layer of orange bavarian cream, orange coulis, and Grand Marnier mousse, wrapped in a band of almond cake.  Available in 8” size only.

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News About Albemarle Baking Company

As the weather gets cooler, we love making hot chocolate. Comforting and decadent. Yes, we make our own marshmallows. And yeah, they’re CHOCOLATE!

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